While at Starbucks with 2 good friends, a group of Super Humans approached our table and asked us to be audiences of their great minds at work. I would usually politely decline, but this time they had pierced through my bubble quite easily–they wouldn’t be called Super Humans for nothing.

Anyway, one guy went straight to displaying his mastery of mind reading–where he correctly guessed (writing his “predicton” beforehand) what my girl friend had in mind! Applause!

The next thing was on partial hypnosis–where he used my guy friend to mentally touch my girl friend’s hand, but in reality no one was really touching her. It was the Super Human touching my guy friend that it somehow got transferred to hers! Spooky! Applause! Bravo!

Always the skeptic, the “yeah, yeah” attitude in me was not swayed into believing.

Thus, the third thing already involved me–and boy did it send chills down my spine! See below why:

Metal Bending

It was crazy, nothing I had ever experienced before. While most of me is a non-believer of things unexplained–thinking that it’s either achievable through amazingly fast hands or intricate gadgetry–this is major sham!

At first, this can’t be happening, not in my own hand! But somehow I stopped questioning. In fact, I just accepted it as quickly as I have doubted the previous two tricks.

Don’s ask me why, am honestly clueless. He just asked me to hold the fork with my dominant left hand. Then, Voila–him summoning the great power of the unknown, turned it thrice, and the straight metal fork seemed to have tranformed into a soft jelly and was twisted as such. A-ma-z-i-n-g?Definitely! C-r-e-e-p-y? You bet. It all happened too fast, with me as an accomplice. Therefore, I can’t complain, I can’t question.


The bent spokes above was not of my doing, but it was likewise a puzzle–with a stroke of his hand (coupled with intense concentration ala-Gandalf with his staff or Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn with his hands), they all bowed down to him, with us as witnesses.

Believe me, it was not a gadget fork from his props box. I even brought it home with me as souvenir and learned that it was plucked from SM foodcourt!

We enjoyed their company so much, that we had them in our tables for about 2 hours. And each they did was entertaining as they were puzzling. These Super Humans define themselves clearly from the more mainstream entertainers, but volunteed that there’s a thin line dividing their crafts. In any case, we give credit to them for unselfishly sharing their skills. Thank you, Sirs!

What originally was a laidback night over coffee, turned out to be both creepy & mind-boggling. I would want to be amazed some more, but it was too much for our minds to comprehend already. To think, these people have been exhibiting (an using) such skills & talents before they were even eleven years old. Wow! Bow!

And while we thought things were cooling down already, I asked him to see through me–and he did, reading my AURA as of April 13, 2008. And he read me like a book! That would have to be my next blog entry–this is already too much for one night despite

My new Super Human friend attempted to read my aura. At first, there was hesitaton mainly due to the amount of what might  be revealed about me (by a stranger, no less), and the fact that am the “yeah, yeah” type.

Aura Reading
Am particularly hard to read (as per what he told my friend when I excused myself), but this is what he had to say (see the signed & date note above). At first, he sketched a colorless human outline, turned to me, looked at me intensely, and held my hand. He went back to his drawing, and from his stash of colored Staedtler pens, picked orange and shaded the figure all over. Picked red thereafter, and thinly outlined the drawing.

What other people had not seen in me for years was worth just a few minutes of strokes. There goes my AURA as of today. Then he proceeded to the interpreration. For now, am mostly orange and red, indivative mostly of being Passionate about things–that I tend to think deeply & take things to heart all the time. (This was sort of an affirmation. Thank you, Sir!) This is particularly good since I will be taking on a new career challenge. Then he went to see the creative part of me: Artistic & Creative. This I tend to believe passionately about–something I will never lose, something that I will further develop & enhance. Nod. And, the strikingly revealing was when he dropped Daydreamer & Unrealistic. I was taken aback initially, but he saw it in a positive way, adding that this is how I visualize things before I concretize them. While others see a glass of water “half full or half empty”, I tend to take it further to “why this glass or why water”. I understood what he was trying to articulate, we both did. Lastly, am a Giver… I don’t know if my Lifelines would particularly agree, but he sensed that in me. Perhaps not through something as concrete as gifts handed over, or money exchanging hands. It was beyond that. I don’t know, but somehow I have been that all along. It makes me wonder. Is it the AURA flourished by Brownpen perhaps? He said our AURA can change over time–in the next month, or six months perhaps–depending on what we have become, or what changes we have initiated within ourselves. I don’t know how my AURA will look like in the coming months, or if I will have the chance to have him read me again. One thing’s for sure–we create our own AURA, therefore influence them. …what then is a better read that looking inside what’s there in your heart & mind, and infecting others with whatever is in there. I think no AURA is good nor bad, it’s how you discharge them, and how others get affected by it. Goodluck! …so, will you consciously change your AURA?

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